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Friday, October 31, 2008

Texas Quakes Again! What's Going On?

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An earthquake in Texas?

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Small quakes are only considered 'readjustments' by seismic experts

Karen Lyssy thought her furniture had been possessed.For just a fraction of a second, she said, "I just felt the couch kind of like, shake."

It was 4:51 a.m. Monday in Karnes City, Texas - a rural town southeast of San Antonio - and Lyssy was up early getting her son ready for a golf tournament."I didn't know what it was. I didn't say anything - I thought I was crazy," she laughed.

The Falls City High School secretary was actually one of many who experienced a South Texas rarity Monday morning: An earthquake.

Seismic activity is extremely rare in south and central Texas. There are no fault lines or tectonic plate boundaries for hundreds of miles.But every once in a while - especially around Karnes County - the Earth rearranges itself a tiny bit, just enough to rattle perfume bottles and make tired moms wonder if they're insane."It's just a little readjustment, just the Earth cracking its back," said Wallis Hutton, a geology lecturer at the University of Texas Pan-American.

Earthquakes are more common in the Panhandle, along the north Gulf Coast or in west Texas, where faults have been observed or where the Earth's shifting surface plates have pushed up mountain ranges.On seismic hazard maps, most of Texas is a blank space - except for a fried egg-shaped area of slightly elevated risk around Falls City.

Monday's earthquake was 10 miles from the epicenter of a similar tremor in April 1993. A total of eight tiny earthquakes have been recorded within 40 miles of Falls City since 1980.

"It's a novelty," said Russ Wheeler, a research geologist for the National Earthquake Information Center in Colorado.The history of tiny quakes in this one area is an unexplored mystery, he said - likely the fault of minute slippage along a fault several miles below ground.

"There's no cause for worry," he said. "I'd worry more about hurricanes. Do you have tornadoes?"

Two hundred miles south of Falls City, Hidalgo County lies far outside the range of the anomalous earthquakes.The strongest quake recorded in Texas since 1975 was a 5.7 magnitude tremor 60 miles from Marfa, north of Big Bend National Park, in 1995.In contrast, the catastrophic 1985 Mexico City earthquake was an 8.1 on the Richter scale. The effects of that quake could be felt in the Rio Grande Valley, as little white-capped waves formed in swimming pools around the area because of the radiating tremors.

Monday, however, Texas' quake couldn't be felt beyond Three Rivers.Having worked in areas where stronger shakes are commonplace, Hutton could have turned up her nose at the whole event."I spent a lot of time in Seattle and Mexico City," she said. "An earthquake of that scale, you usually sleep through it."

Instead, her students' enthusiasm for the small event swept her up - once she'd confirmed that she wasn't being pranked."In my first class, my students said, ‘There's an earthquake in Texas!' and I said, ‘Yeah, right.' "

Sara Perkins covers Mission, western Hidalgo County, Starr County and general assignments for The Monitor. You can reach her at (956) 683-4472.


Rare aftershocks persist in North Texas - Yahoo! News


Minor earthquake reported in North Texas

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EULESS, Texas (AP) - A minor earthquake shook parts of North Texas but no damage nor injuries had been reported.

Jesse Moore with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth said Saturday's earthquake at 11:24 a.m. came in at 3.3, according to the National Earthquake Information Center.

Moore said he had not heard of any reports of damage nor injuries. Moore said the earthquake was centered about four miles south of Euless and 18 miles west of Dallas.

Robert Budack, who lives in Irving, told The Associated Press he was on his bed and got bounced to the wall, but was not hurt.

Budack said he felt an aftershock that "was enough to make the couch and chairs shake."



Minor quakes hit Dallas area; no damage, injuries

IRVING, Texas – Several minor earthquakes gave some Texas residents an early Halloween scare, shaking their beds and knocking pictures off walls but causing no damage or injuries, authorities said.

A 2.5-magnitude quake at 11:25 p.m. Thursday near Grand Prairie was followed by a series of other small earthquakes in the Dallas suburb, then a 3.0-magnitude quake at 12:01 a.m. Friday in nearby Irving, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Most people in the Dallas area had no idea because the tremors were minor and centered in southwestern Irving. But those who did seemed unnerved by the rare Texas quakes that shook apartment buildings and set off car alarms.

"It's pretty scary. ... The whole bed shakes," one woman told an Irving 911 operator early Friday morning, according to one of several audiotapes released by the Irving Police Department.

Another caller said he felt jolts about every 10 to 15 minutes and had seen "pictures falling off the wall and all that."

Irving police received about 25 calls but no reports of injuries or damage, Officer David Tull said.

A 3.1-magnitude earthquake occurred Thursday about 11:30 a.m. near McLoud, Okla., a 5,000-resident town some 180 miles north of Dallas, with no reports of injuries or damage, according to the USGS.

"I didn't even feel it," said McLoud Police Chief Gary Roe.

But the quakes in the two states are considered separate events because they occurred so far apart in distance and time, although researchers are not sure if a fault line runs between both cities, said USGS geophysicist Jessica Sigala.

The USGS said a 2.9-magnitude earthquake occurred shortly after noon Friday near Maryville, Tenn., but emergency officials said no damage had been reported.

Maryville is 160 miles east of Nashville.



Rare aftershocks persist in North Texas - Yahoo! News


Rare aftershocks persist in North Texas

DALLAS – Northern Texas has been getting more rare earth tremors, one day after several minor earthquakes made Halloween memorable for some people in the area.

Two almost simultaneous aftershocks were centered beneath Grand Prairie and Irving just before 7 a.m. Saturday. The U.S. Geological Survey says the Grand Prairie quake measured 2.5 magnitude and the Irving quake came in at 2.7.

Saturday's tremors between Dallas and Fort Worth were in the same general areas as on Friday, when tremors of magnitude 2.5 set off car alarms. Switchboards for 911 systems lit up with calls from people near the quakes' epicenters but no damage was reported.



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